Sapna Chaudhary Abuse Arshi Khan


Its been near to two weeks when got started and from the very first day Haryana dancer pretend herself as most sincerer girl in the house. He have also written in past that Sapan want to create a fake image of her in . Now when 2nd week comes to end and Real colour of Sapna coming out gradually.

This day 10 of when Sapna Abuse and threaten , Sapna has took fight with Arshi shows that soon Sapna will be seen distributing dust in house. Actually Arshi’s and other team members were in discussion when Arshi says that Hiten will be marry to her and make her as his Queen and suddenly Sapna replied to Arshi that “Yes You should get marry, those who can’t get marry in real, should marry fake”. That time Arshi also replied her and her as ‘Nachne Wali’

Post that whole episode were covered with the fight between Arshi and Sapna. Arshi also seems to be afraid in the house and seen informing other mates that Sapna is threatening her.

Lets see how far this will go and how will manage to create her image Innocent girl.