Saiyami Kher – Lets Stop Being So Intolerant


Debutante of Mirzya, Actress Sayami Kher celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with slum kids and shared a special message for all citizens of India to be more patient and stop being intolerant.
“Today is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday but we are so intolerant nowadays and fight on every little thing, I feel if we fight less definitely good days are going to come,” said , when asked about sharing her feeling on Gandhi Jayanti.
Today is Gandhi Jayanti and stars from film industry remembered the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi on his 148th birth anniversary. Actress Sayami Kher celebrated the special day with slum kids in a municipal school and hailed it as an overwhelming experience.
“This has been a very overwhelming experience for me, I have been associated with YUVA Unstoppable before, during the time of Mirzya release, Amitabh came to London for our premiere and helped us raise a lot of money, they are doing some great work and I want to congratulate them and in future, when I earn lot of money, I would like to them also” added Saiyami.
Saiyami also hailed the government for taking the right steps toward clean India but urged citizens to participate more rather than pointing fingers at the government.
“I feel government always does its part but I think we citizen should also contribute and do our part. When we talk about sanitation, besides making toilets for women, I feel we citizens don’t even follow basic hygiene, we throw garbage out of windows, and we should stop doing that before we blame the government” added Saiyami.
Saiyami also shared details about her project in South, which would mark her second movie about debuting with Harshvardhan Kapoor in Mirzya.
“Right now I am working on a film in the south. Once that movie is finished, I will hopefully start something here in Bollywood” added Saiyami.