Riteish Deshmukh – Candid On Faste Fene And Marathi Cinema


Actor-producer , who attended the song launch of his upcoming Marathi film “Faster Fene”, says it is a big misconception that he and others are promoting Marathi cinema, instead they are just trying to be part of an already good industry.
Bollywood celebrities have shown support to the regional cinema, especially the Marathi film industry. Commenting on it, Riteish said here on Friday: “This is a big misconception that we’re trying to promote Marathi cinema. I have been in this industry for a long time. I am a Marathi and have been producing regional films for six years now.”
“People have witnessed a successful pattern in Marathi cinema since the last couple of years, so just like Hollywood big studios coming to Indian market thinking something good can be created here, big studios like Walt Disney, Fox Studios, Warner Brothers and Viacom, have opened offices in India and they are tapping into the India cinema market. Same way big Bollywood studios are trying to contribute to Marathi cinema, where good things are happening and I think it is fantastic for the industry” said Riteish.
Riteish also hailed Priyanka Chopra’s gallant efforts in Marathi cinema, which fetched her National Award.
“Priyanka Chopra is a dear friend; she made a great film like Ventilator. So it is always about content. I think in coming time a lot of big names will promote regional cinema. I feel that the true strength of India is in its region. In our regions lies our hearts, and now regional cinema and content will increase” added Riteish.
The actor has not only turned producer for Faster Fene, but now has turned singer for the film and his single, Fafe, a racy Marathi track with rap is out.
“The song, it is a unique for me because it starts with a Marathi Rap in the background. This hardly makes me a singer. It is just an attempt because it was slightly easier. I wasn’t too sure whether I’ll be able to do it or not, but we were prepared to have someone else sing it but the Shreyas Puranik, who is a great singer, he forced me to sing. But if I thought it wasn’t working I would asked him to sing” said Riteish about his singing experience.
As producer has produced four Marathi films and plans on producing two more under his home banner Mumbai Film Company and shares his real reason behind producing Faster Fene.
“I think the story of Faster Fene urged me to produce it, where a character from the book comes alive on silver screen and it is adventurous. I always wanted to do a detective oriented film, but I couldn’t do it as an actor, so I completed my wish as a producer with Faster Fene” said Riteish.
Riteish is also talked about mega biopic based on the Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, which is said to be made a whopping 250 crore budget.
“Right now, only the script is getting completed. Once the entire story is complete, we will think about the budget. I can’t talk about the budget in the air like this, but yes, you can see me in Shivaji Maharaj Biopic” said Riteish.
Helmed by Aditya Sarpotdar, the movie Faste Fene stars Amey Wagh, Parna Pethe and Shubham More in the lead role. The movie is slated for 27th October 2017 release.