Jewellery for men is the next step forward : Karan Johar

Tyani fine jewelry is the prêt offering from the house of Satyami Fine Jewels along with director, producer .  With the launch of Tyani Karan bring his distinctive touch to the world of jewelry and retail. During media interaction Karan said, Jewelry for men is the next step forward.
Karan who is presenting the Tyani fine jewelry when asked about what will be their next step said, “Jewelry for men is the next step forward, because if you see the fashion scenario and men they are called metro-sexual or androgynous, which does not make any sense. You are either interested in the zone of fashion which is a billion dollar industry, then why not wear a bracelet or a chain. Don’t worry and feel like, men aren’t supposed to wear jewelry. It’s a ridiculous and is a cliché.  Unapologetically, in your face fashion is not a bad thing, it is who you are and it is an extension of your personality. Men or women no matter what the difference, why do we need to generalize things like these.”
He further added, “When I say Shravan and I will be working on stage 2 and there will be jewelry for men, of course, it will be customized to their requirements and their needs. And I hope that there are many men out there who will change the way of thinking eventually but for now, we are focusing on fashion fast and fashion-forward jewelry of today.”
While talking about Karan said, “Tyani is an extension of me, better yet it is a piece of my heart. When Shravan came and pitched online shopping and made it jewel based, I told him you got me at hello.”(laughs)
The director also talked his unapologetically obsession over online shopping which lasts for more than the hours he spends on Instagram and Twitter combined. He also said online shopping is his guilty pleasure and he is obsessed by it. is the biggest and only online store for Polki jewelry available, and while talking about the collection Karan said, “Polki sounds exceptionally traditional but actually is the hippest thing to wear, and that’s the kind of Blurred line we are trying to cross.”
Karan’s future production projects include, ‘Drive’ directed by Tarun Mansukhani starring, Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez and ‘Raazi’ directed by starring, , and Vicky Kaushal.