Is Sapna Chaudhary trying to create fake image of her on Bigg Boss 11 ?


Bigg Boss is the most controversial tv show from last 10 years and most of the time people use to come inside Bigg Boss house to improve their image and got famous. In Bigg Boss 11, there is one contestant inside Bigg Boss house who is already so much famous.

Yes, we are talking about Sapna Chaudhary a dancer and a singer. When ever she did live performance, lakhs of people came to see her. You can Imagine how popular she is in Haryana. And the other fact of her is that her Image as a person is not so good. Most of the people use to comment on her and questioned on her character. Because of this she also attempted to do suicide in 2015. Even on the premiere night she informed the same to Salman Khan also.

Now why we asked that question, Is Sapna Chaudhary trying to portray fake image on Bigg Boss 11 ?. There are few reason that’s why we are thinking that she might be trying to create fake image.

  1. Sapna Chaudhary’s profession : We all know about Sapna’s profession and where she use to dance and sing in front of lakhs of Gujjar’s and Haryana people. We have seen many videos on youtube also. During the live dance performance many people use to comment about her. which is not in a good manner or don’t liked by a women. And she use to listen all these comments without reacting on it.
  2. Discussion between Salman Khan and Sapna Chaudhary : This discussion got happened on grand premiere night, where Sapna replied against one of the question asked by Salman “Pahle mujhe logo ke kahne se farak padta tha, ab to main logo ki Sunti hi nahi”.
  3. First day of Sapna inside Bigg Boss House : Now here comes the deviation in Sapna’s statement and in real actions. She said now she is not bothered about people’s comments and on the very first day she fought with Zubair Khan on one of the non veg joke that not liked by Sapna choudhary. Even that joke was not directly related to any house mate or herself.

We know that the language used by Zubair is not appropriate for any women and specially on television. But how Sapna reacted on that incident was really created a Big question mark on her character.

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