If you want to bring sporting revolution in country then running marathons are best examples for it says Rahul Bose


Versatile actor attended ‘India Bulls Home Loans organized Vasai-Virar Mayor Marathon’ launch as its brand ambassador along with Mandira Bedi on Wednesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Rahul stated that if our country wants want to bring sporting revolution then organizing running marathons are best example for it.

Talking about importance of running marathons, Rahul said, “In road races, you don’t have to spend money on anything so even people from poor background can afford this. There is discrimination when it comes to things like coaching or sporting equipments and these income factors doesn’t play their roles in running marathons and more importantly, audience who come to watch these marathons does not able to show their money power because everyone can experience these marathons by standing on pavements and can encourage their closed ones who are participating in it”

“There are no facilities like air-conditioner box when others are sitting on cement blocks unlike other sporting events so that’s another great thing of running marathons. Everyone has the opportunity to watch it and take participation in it so I feel if you want to bring sporting revolution in the country then running marathons are best examples for it”

He added, “whether it is Mumbai marathon or Vasai-Virar Mayor Marathon or any other marathon the basic thing is what’s the effect or outcome from these marathons.’

“I feel it is absolutely a superb cause because it develops culture of exercise. I feel sporting culture changes when you have running races in any community or city. It also encourages sense of unity among people and it gives message that we should mutually move forward. There is no difference of rich –poor or male-female in marathon so this is like democracy in motion so I am always here to support this incredible cause.”

is also known for his impressive humanitarian work apart from acting, talking about his work towards that front, Rahul said, “There are some serious issues in our country. If I spend my entire remaining life in these causes then also it will be only able to achieve 5% of the overall issues. We are trying our best to work on that front. We are providing educational facilities to kids of Kashmir and Andaman-Nicobar but I feel if you want to take it on bigger level then each individual from our country has to come forward”

“My second NGO – Heal which works for child sexual abuse, we have analyzed that according to government statistics, there are around 52% kids in our country are sexually abused which equals to 20 crore kids of country so it means If I start working on that from today, it will take another 2000 years to overcome that issue but till now, we have conducted more than 600 workshops for schools, adults, administrators, parents and especially kids to create awareness among them about this cause. We have been counseling almost 65 survivors, so we are doing our bit. I feel it’s not sufficient but in future also we will take this forward”.

In 2017, directed ‘Poorna’, real life story of a 13-year-old girl from Telangana becomes the youngest female in history to climb Mount Everest.

next will be seen in Vishwaroopam 2 along with Kamal Haasan.