I have never done anything for liking or love of money says Shah Rukh Khan


attended launch of – India Nayi Soch along with Uday Shankar, CEO of Star India on Thursday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Shah Rukh stated that he never done anything for liking or love of money.

while addressing with event stated that this show, he has done with lot of heart, so when asked by reporter that now money is not the driving force in his life, to that, Shah Rukh said, “No. It never has and it never will. I am very well to do. God has been kind to me in every aspect of my life be it professionally, financially or emotionally. I have never ever done anything for the love of money. I feel, if you do something that you desire or want to do, then one of thing that surely follows is money. It’s the least important pegs you should try to fill in, when you try to do something as your job, love or hobby. I say this being a lower-middle class boy whose had much share of his financial benefits the work I do that I have never ever imagined in wildest of my dreams. People believe that I am entrepreneur or businessman but I have never done anything for liking or love of money. I did this show because it’s perhaps the closest thing to my heart. I say it because I genuinely believe in it. It is important for me that this show gets loved by everyone without comparisons with any other shows”

is considered as intense, intellectual and psychological show, so when asked Shah Rukh what kind of target audience they looking at, Shah Rukh said, “We always underrate our audience. I feel this is unreasonable to say that people are not ready to accept. If you are put it out in the right spirit anything that is good, intellectual, entertaining, scientific and emotional, then I feel that’s what audience wants. We as media people, thinkers or innovators have not done enough to bring forth to the audience what they are waiting for. I think all kind of audience especially youngster will really like what we have tried to present in . When we say it’s intense, psychological show then I feel our lives are that, there is always craving in all our heart, all we need is someone to give it to us so hopefully we will be able to manage that”

When asked Shah Rukh whether any brand comes up to him to seek his advice in terms brand management as he is brand in India and in the international market from last 20-25 years, he said, “I have been fortunate enough because the kind of I have been related to . I think the only reason for that is I am always happy to try something new. I really don’t know about brand management and brand build ups, if you want to be relevant as a brand, then I feel you must be ready to try new things, ready to fail and if you are ready to venture into new territories that you don’t know anything about, in that process, some of them will go wrong and some of them will go right. Some of them will actually help you to build your brand and it will make more edgy, new and innovative that’s the only things I can say. I am ready to try new stuff. I go for it and hope for the best and then leave it to experts as an actor and go ahead and do my job”

On film work front, Shah Rukh next will be seen in Anand L. Rai’s untitled film which also stars Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma and Tigmanshu Dhulia.