I enjoy riding my cycle the most says Farhan Akhtar


Farhan Akhtar who is a UN Goodwill Ambassador presented the Vespa Red for raising funds to fight AIDS in India on Wednesday. Piaggio Group Launched the Vespa Red in India as a part of its partnership with red and commitment to the fight against AIDS. During media interaction, the actor said, he enjoys riding his cycle the most.

Farhan was asked if he enjoys riding a bike or a scooter the most, to which the actor said, “What I enjoy riding most is my cycle. It’s healthy keeps you fit and also it keeps the environment clean. Unfortunately, I can’t take it everywhere I go, if given a chance I would do that.”

When a Vespa Red is purchased it will trigger a $50 USD donation to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in India. Each scooter sold can help provide more than 165 days of lifesaving HIV medication –medication which can help save a mother’s life and prevent her from passing the virus to her unborn baby.

While talking about Vespa’s contribution to the fund and the people Farhan has encountered with the virus he said, “I do know people who are living with the HIV virus, and I have also employed a couple of people affected by the virus. The fact is that you can continue living your life as far as there is no stigma attached to it. This Stigma is one of the biggest battles that people have to deal with; it’s hard to come terms with the fact that it is just another disease. Of course, it requires another kind of a treatment and cure but the stigma attached to it is what we need to get rid of.”

On a lighter note when the actor was asked when the audience will be able to see him direct, Farhan casually overlooked the question, and said, “This is a completely separate kind of discussion to be had, but I have had many fond memories of shooting ‘Dil Chata Hai’ in Goa and many fond memories of coming to Goa on many subsequent occasions. I look forward to going back there and I’ll come look for you and we will go for a Vespa ride together.”

Farhan was last seen in ‘Lucknow Central’ directed by Ranjit Tiwari and a special appearance in ‘Daddy’ with Arjun Rampal.