I am always looking for great script, great director and good intentions says Ranvir Shorey


Actor attended trailer launch of his upcoming film ‘Kadvi Hawa’ with Nila Madhab Panda on Monday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Ranvir stated that as an actor, he is always looking for great script, great director and good intention.

When asked Ranvir who is known for making unusual choices when it comes to acting, Ranvir said, “I am always looking for projects that great script, great director and good intension. It should not be only about making money or too much self-indulgence on the other extreme.”

‘Kadvi Hawa was fabulous script written by Mithun Dixit and Mr. Panda. I just jumped on the script. We hit it off quite well. I understood Mr. Panda’s vision. It’s about how much director’s vision you can share. The more you are in agreement with how director’s sees the film, the more excited you get because you know that you are same page with him. In fact, since then, I have worked on another film with him because I found that I like and related with his sensibilities in cinema so it is always joy to work with somebody like that.”

Talking about ‘Kadvi Hawa’ Ranvir said, “It’s very interesting film. This film has good script, performances, cinematography and music as well.

Talking about basic plot of the film, Ranvir said, “film revolves around a blind old farmer (Sanjay Mishra) who is in debt and in his village, a loan recovery agent () comes for loan recovery but his reputation is such that whichever village he goes , farmers of that village starts attempting suicide as he is really tough when it comes to his job”

Talking about working with Sanjay Mishra in a film, Shorey said, “Onscreen, he is fabulous actor and its honor and privilege to be working with him. Off-screen, He is extremely funny and entertaining. He is very hospitable as well , whenever you are with him, he will take care of you when it comes to basic necessities like food and etc.”

Talking about casting of the film, director panda said, “Every film has its destiny but I feel I am blessed that because in terms of actors, this is the most easiest film that I have done because everybody knows what , Sanjay Mishra and Tillotama Shome gives to a film and that’s the specialty of the film.”

Talking about another interesting fact about the film, Panda said, “We have shot this film in super 16 celluloid format as from last 4-5 years everyone shoot their film in digital format and we have shot this film in Chambal so audience will able to see new film from fresh perspective about climate change.

The film deals with climate change and its dire consequences and is touted to be India’s first feature film on the issue.

‘Kadvi Hawa’ is produced by Drishyam films and directed by Nila Madhab Panda . It is slated to release on 24 November, 2017.