Hrithik Roshan – Doesn’t Wish to Make a Spectacle


issues another statement on his social media account, expressing that he doesn’t wish to “make a spectacle of the issue” and refuses any further interviews and explanation regarding ugly spat with Kangana Ranaut.
and Kangana Ranaut’s alleged love affair, followed by break-up and post-drama has been making headlines for almost four years now.
Simran Actress Kangana has been blasting right-left-and center from the get-go. She has been vocal about the harassment and torment she suffered because of Krrish actor.
Whereas, Hrithik maintained his silence for a long time until recently he went on air to explain his side of the story. The actor also shared an extensive Facebook post regarding the same.
The Kaabil actor Hrithik now issues one more statement “humbly” refusing to entertain any further interview requests regarding the tussle with Kangana.
Hrithik took to Twitter and issued a statement saying he won’t give any more interviews but at the same time also said that he does not intend to close the issue. His statement read “I would apologise to those who have made well-meaning request and would humbly say I don’t want to speak on this issue.”
But Hrithik also added that he doesn’t wish to seek the issue close, but he doesn’t wish the whole issue to turn into “Gender” or “Nepotism” issue.
He wrote, “This is an unfortunate issue and not a contest of sorts. Before this is dangerously hijacked into a man vs woman, insider vs outsider, privileged vs non-privileged issue we must stop. Please don’t support me. Don’t take sides.”
“I am by no means seeking to close this issue. The only thing I am suggesting is to let the investigations be the only spokesperson in this issue henceforth.”