#BiggBoss 11 | Day 1 : Full with Battle noise and birthday Celebration


As the theme of this year says “ 11, Padosi aa rahe hai Bajane 12”, and we have ween glimpse of that from the very first episode. On the first day of , the light of the house is started little late because the last night late night premiere show, however house mate got awake early before the light got switch on.

First day for got started with Neighbour’s discussion where neighbours discussed about the house mates and they appreciates Anil Dadlani and compare Arshi Khan with last year contestant Priyanka Jagga. First fight of the season took place betweeen and Zubair Khan. All the people were chatting on the dining table, and when Zubair Khan shares a non-veg joke which does not liked by and she tells Zubair that she does not like all this and that her family is not talk like this. This thing discussion goes up and they starts fighting.

In a short spell of time, herself started sharing the story of Bhabhi Ji Khar par hai incident, and mean while entered in the house, and both of them started fighting with each other on old discussion and incident. On the very first day, There were two two wars happened between the house mates, now you can predict what is going to happen in future.

Neighbors are also working to incite the house mates as has given the task to the neighbours that they calls only housemates whenever they wants to eat food and drink water, because of this house mates has already started showing there disagreement and this will surely leads to a big fight in future.

Although the show ended with some good moments, it was 12 o’clock, the house celebrated and Benefasha’s birthday.
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