​Learn Stuff Other Than Selfie, Internet and Kardashian Family – Esha Gupta


and Australian Cricketer Shaun Tait graced the Miss Diva Contest here in Mumbai. The Baadshaho actress talked about the tip she got during her time as a contestant.
“During my time, Lara Dutta was the mentor and I still remember her telling me, keep your confidence high and I would like to tell every girl the same thing, keep your confidence high and do whatever you do with confidence,” said .
Actress Lara Dutta is roped into mentor aspiring candidates for the annual contest of Miss Diva – Miss Universe India 2017.
Talking further about the competition and tips for the contestant, Actress shared some tips for contestants. She said, “Tip for contestant, please be confident, learn about the world because I think this generation has one thing missing, they don’t know anything apart from selfie, internet and Kardashian family, they don’t what is happening around the world”
“80% diet and 20 % workout, so keep a healthy diet, drink a lot of water, eat good and healthy food, probably six meals a day and workout, for healthy lifestyle. Nowadays girls go on a diet crash-course, reduce weight fast and gain it too, don’t do that, maintain a healthy lifestyle” said Esha.
With Diwali around the corner, also urged her fans to say no to crackers and have a pollution free festival.
“Please do not light firecrackers. It causes air and noise pollution. The noise of crackers scares animals too. So light candles, diya’s but no cracker” added Esha.