Watch Julie 2 Theatrical Trailer – Raai Laxmi in Hottest Avtaar


Since ‘Julie 2’ teaser has came, it is crippled in the headlines. Today the movie trailer has also been released. Seeing the trailer, the intentions of director of the film Deepak Shivdasani have become clear. He has shown the journey of a girl becoming the heroine in the film, and it is also seen in the film’s trailer for compelling many types of compromise. Raai Laxmi is going to do her debut in Bollywood.

Raai Laxmi goes bold in ‘Julie 2’

The film’s dialogues are bold according to Sense. Raai Laxmi has shown through ‘Julie 2’ that they will force the audience to fill the sigh. Consider these dialogues in the film: “Heroine, you can become tomorrow, just learn how to compromise …” and “here only the body moves, hot body ..” indicates that the truth behind the glare of the Bollywood world.

Not only this, a glimpse of threatening a heroine is also found in this trailer, ‘If you do not leave the city in four hours, then we will throw acids on the face.’ Julie’s boldness gesture also gives this dialogue, “I am sure, You will make me the star superstar .

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