Vishal Bhardwaj is working on a story based on a book ‘Do Behene’.


Filmmaker and writer Vishal Bhardwaj launched Nikhil Sachan’s book named ‘UP 65’ on Wednesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Bhardwaj stated he bought the rights to a short story ‘Do Behene’.
“‘Do behene’ is a short story by Charansingh Pathik from Rajasthan. He is a teacher in a small village but his writing is amazing. I read the story and ended up buying the rights to the book. To find out what the story is you will have to have to read the book. Currently, I am working on the story so we haven’t reached the part of deciding on any cast.” said the filmmaker during an interview.

Youngsters today say they don’t understand Hindi and they can’t write in the language and its hard for them to read it, when asked to comment on the same Vishal said, “I believe the reason for this is the purity of the language which is very tough to understand. We haven’t made it colloquial. Even the official documents still use ancient Hindi, unlike Hindi we use in every day.

Also I think we are complexed about our own language. When you go to places like France and Germany, they are so proud of their language it’s not the same with us.”

Bhardwaj’s almost all films are based on certain book, talking about his fondness with literature, Bhardwaj said, “I studied in Hindi Medium school but as we all know still English is regarded far more superior language in our country so I had huge complex of that but slowly I overcame that as well. Now I think, today whatever I am is all because I studied in Hindi medium school otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read writings of Sur Das, Kabir Das and many more. I have achieved a lot of in the industry because of my love with literature and I am very happy that god has written screenplay of my life like this.”

Talking about his upcoming project, Bhardwaj said, “I am producing a movie named ‘Sapna Didi’. My assistant Honey Trehan is directing that film who is also a casting director. Deepika and Irrfan are working in it and it is based on Husain Zaidi’s book ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’”

Nikhil Sachan’s ‘UP 65’ is a give back to Banaras and BHU for all that these two places have given him. The story revolves around how Nishant, an IIT BHU student finds his love, friends, and purpose in his life.