Video | Ranveer Singh At Launch Of Vivo V7+ Flagship Device


Ranveer Singh who is currently busy shooting for Padmavati appeared in Public after a long time to present the Vivo V7+. The actor while on stage admitted that on average he takes about 2 dozen selfies a day.
The Selfie Centric Phone was the perfect reason for the actor to come back into the limelight. Ranveer who was very impressed with the phone said it’s an achievement in design and technology, “Now a day’s people can’t wrap their head around how big social media has become, but it is the way the world is. In this sort of day and age with Instagram and Snapchat and other social media sites, the selfie has really become a big thing. I take on average about 2 dozen selfies a day. Sometimes it goes to 50 – 100 and on days like this, I take 100’s or more. I am an authority on selfies I can say that safely.”