Transgender Struggle is Real – Dhananjay Dhawan Patil


“Struggle is real for Transgender and for people who are trying to do something to help them,” says producer Dhananjay Dhawan Patil.
Raktdhar, an upcoming gut wrenching social drama produced by Dhananjay Dhawan Patil, and directed by Ajit Varma, highlights the real struggle of the transgender community in India.
The film features Shakti Kapoor, Mukesh Rishi, Shahbaaz Khan, Ehsaan Khan, Deepsikha Naagpal, Manish Khanna and Sanchita Banerjee in lead roles. The trailer of the film is already out and has been much talked about it.
Since last decade, Gender Equality debate is raging in India; people are talking about “Male-Female” gender and overlooking the third gender, which requires immediate attention and help, quips Mr. Patil.
“Struggle is real for Transgender people. They are constantly bullied, looked down and harassed for no good reason. They are rarely hired in regular jobs, they don’t have access to education, hospital and even general population look down upon them, and I mean the list is long and painful”
“It took me some time to understand their struggle, which is really gut-wrenching. People talk about being the change you want to see in society, my movie is that change. I spent time with transgender, tried to live their lives and understand their feelings and thought process. It wasn’t easy to make the film of them either” added Mr. Patil.
As producer Mr. Patil’s contribution in Raktdhar is unprecedented, he is part of not only commercial aspect but creative inputs too.
“Sometimes you come across subjects, which are beyond commercial boundaries. There is more human interest is involved. I made a movie to create awareness and help a particular sector, not to make big bucks” added Patil.
The story revolves around Shakti Kapoor’s character and his transgender friend being raped and dishonored to death (literally).
“Raktdhar” is jointly produced by Patil and Rajan Gupta under the banner Chitra Films. It is slated to release on October 6.