Today’s filmmaker’s have sense of cinema composition and taking story forward says Subhash Ghai


Whistling Woods International founder and filmmaker and her daughter Meghna Ghai Puri organized ‘Celebrate Cinema 2017’ in Whistling Woods campus on Thursday on Mumbai. Producer Boney Kapoor and Mom’s film’s director Ravi Udyawar and script writer Girish Kohli attended the event. While interacting with media, Ghai stated that today’s filmmaker’s have sense of cinema composition and sense of taking story forward.

When asked today’s films and songs doesn’t have recall value as compared films of older generation to that, Ghai said, “I feel any son hasn’t copied his father. Each generation has its own sensibilities and aware of social fabric. Urban cinema is changing. When we were youngsters and making films, people used to ask us why we don’t we make film like what our older generation used to make”

“I feel today’s filmmaker’s are making really good movies which are relevant to today’s time. They have sense of cinema composition and sense of taking story forward. Earlier also filmmakers used to make films like Ardha Satya and there was strong presence of parallel cinema and now also, whether it is small budgeted cinema or big budgeted cinema, they are coming up with new stories, issues and characters”

Boney Kapoor added, “Content has been always a king. In early 1960s, big film like Sangam and small film like Dosti, both films did god business. Similarly, when film like Sholay released that time, Jai Santoshi Maa also released which didn’t have familiar cast then also both films worked so I feel good films will always survive irrespective of huge cast. Stars are like centre forward’s but sometimes other players are so good then they don’t need centre forward’s so that’s basically essence how content can be reached to wider audience”.

When asked Boney how he is guiding his daughter Jhanvi who is set make debut in Bollywood, Boney said, “Before Jhanvi, I was closely associated with my brother Anil. I have always given my view to them in terms of script but I feel ultimately, they have to face camera and they have to interact with writer and director of the film so that is something they have to be convinced with.”
“I am not going to be on set everyday so the last decision is e
ntirely left to them. As a senior or an experienced person, I can only give my view point but they have their own views as well and they are mature enough to take their decision and moreover they are children of today’s world so these things have got to be left with them likewise we have to respect other actors like my wife or anybody”.