‘Salman Khan tweeted about my song, which was a great deal for me’: Subhro J Ganguly


Subhro J Ganguly the singer who hails from Kolkata has recently worked in a music video with Kookie Gulati and the video has already got 1 million views. The song is named Dil Zara Tu Sunn and is in trend among the young blood. When asked about how this first break helped in his establishment, the singer very promptly said, “The video got 1 million views and there was a lot of industry support. Salman Khan also supported it by tweeting about the song. He also put it on Instagram so it was a great deal for me and I was really happy.”
Subhro, when asked about his experience of the shoot said, “It was great. The man behind the whole thing was Kookie Gulati obviously, he is the king of music videos and has shot this video too. It was a brilliant time working with the team. For me as a new comer was a really big thing to work with such people like Kookie Gulati, Sachin Gupta, and Raveena Taurani.”
The singer then shared about his struggling phase and said, “I am from Kolkata, while my schooling I used to sing with bands and other music groups. I then came to Bombay for my college during which I showed my work to lots of directors and initially it was tough. But then I kept composing and the process went on and on. But then luckily I met such good people like Kookie and Sachin. A big thanks to them that they gave me a chance and accepted that I can sing. It took some time but then finally I got this video and got that confidence that yes I can sing and perform.”
He then revealed some hard facts and said, “One of the main things was that a lot of people act good at your face but then you realize that lot of them lie. There will be very few people who will actually tell you the truth about your music, voice, and talent. So you need right people to guide you.” Shubro also shared about the highlights of his journey and said, “The main highlight was meeting Kookie Gulati. He curated and guided me. For me, that was a turning point. So, the credit of my career goes to Kookie Gulati. Also when I won a competition to sing for Arijit Singh in front of 12000 people was the most overwhelming response that I got.”
When asked about the difficulties faced, Subhro said, “I always thought it was simple. I thought I can go up to the director, they’ll listen to my voice and eventually give me a chance. But to the contrary, I didn’t know the difficulty involved in meeting people. I thought accessibility is much easier but accessibility is much harder than you actually think. It was much more difficult than singing.”
Subhro then concluded by giving a message for the new comers and said, “The most important thing is to push your voice and recall value is also very essential so that people keep listening to your songs and remember who you are. So, just keep doing it and do not stop.”