Saif Ali Khan – Learnt Culinary Art For Chef


Actor Saif Ali Khan is promoting his forthcoming movie Chef and talks about learning the culinary skills to make the role authentic, as filmmaker Raja Krishna Menon didn’t want to cheat the audience.
Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya Janakiraman and Raja Krishna Menon hosted a press junket for Chef, where Rangoon actor shared his practice of culinary art.
“Raja Menon wanted to be comfortable in Kitchen, so I practiced a lot of different stuff, in the culinary department. Stuff like cutting onions, and cutting them really fast, cooking different stuff, cooking in different pots and handling them, I practiced all that, as Raja didn’t want to cheat in the shot” said Saif Ali Khan talks about his role and prep.
Saif Ali Khan will be seen in the avatar of a chef in the film, which revolves around self-discovery of father and life through the landscape of food.
Talking about food, Actor Saif Ali Khan quipped that cooking and feeding someone is a good act.
“If there is any favorite dish of mine, it would be a simple daal, which is easy to cook as well. And If I need to cook for someone, it would be for family or friends, or for anyone for that matter, as cooking food and feeding someone is really a good thing and very enjoyable as well” added Saif.
Saif also spoke about working with child actor Svar Kamble and admitted that he was little apprehensive in the beginning.
“I was a little apprehensive about working with little kid, I wondered what would be this kid really like, but as it happened, he is sweet, down to earth and natural, it was a pleasure working with him. I mean, he also taught me some natural acting” added Saif.
Chef is directed by Raja Krishna Menon and marks Saif’s second film this year. The film is scheduled to release on October 6.