Richa Chadha – I enjoyed the Normal Character of Jia Aur Jia


, a towering actress known for realism for the characters and impeccable command over different dialects, talks about being sophisticated in real life and enjoy doing a normal character in upcoming Jia Aur Jia.
Jia Aur Jia team, Kalki Koechlin, and filmmaker Howard Rosemeyer launched the trailer of the film.
Talking about her normal and different from previous roles, quipped, “I am a sophisticated girl in real life. There is a difference between reel and real life. So I had fun doing a normal character in Jia Aur Jia. So I am playing a character, that is my job, as an artist, we do everything for the character.”
“Jia Aur Jia” is a story about two starkly different women ( and Kalki Koechlin) that share the same name. Together, they embark on a life-changing journey heading towards the same fate. The film is shot in Sweden.
also endorsed traveling as a great way of learning about oneself and other cultures.
“I’ve taken many trips, sometimes solo, sometimes by default, like in this movie, we were shooting in Sweden, it is a really beautiful place and very safe for women, so after shooting I would take off on a jog or walk. I think traveling is a great way to learn about yourself, other cultures and opening your horizons and minds” added Richa.
“Jia Aur Jia” is the first bullseye attempt at telling the audience what it is that brings girls to come of age to be women. While it is an absolute fun film written in the commercial mould, it is a film that asks pertinent questions, while fighting the high stakes of a magical journey called life.
The movie stars , Kalki Koechlin and Arslan Gori in lead roles. It is been directed by Howard Rosemeyer and written by Mudassar Aziz.
Presenting and Distributed by Bluefox Motion Pictures, the movie releases on 27th October 2017.