Ravi Dubey has posted on Facebook and Instagram for his Wife Sargun

Ravi Dubey to Sargun Mehta

TV star Ravi Dubey, who worked in ‘Jamai Raja’ serial story of Dewaria of UP, posted a post on Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday morning. In this he praised his Wife Mehta and congratulated him on his birthday. Actor Ravi Dubey frequently keeps photos posted to social media. A few days ago, a few days ago, he had shared a photo on Instagram, in which he had seen wife Mehta kissing.
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He wrote on that photo – “I know that you ever wanted to share it, but this picture shows Correctly our Madness, come back to me screaming.” Ravi had also told that the photograph was clicked by his friend Suyaash Rai

Ravi has written on Facebook-Instagram for - “There are good deeds from the Gods also in my past lives that you are in my life, my two births have been born Sergun one time when my parents brought me into the world and One, when you have given me the vision of seeing the world, I respect you, because you explained to me the true meaning of self esteem.
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If you are with me then I am Shehanshah, my existence is only from you.. I just do not love you , I worship You. Happy Birthday … All the happiness of this world has come to you. This is my wish. “