Raktdhar Director Ajit Varma Hails Transgender Beauty Pageant


“I think it is an impressive step in right direction to empower LGBT,” says director Ajit Varma during his recent media interaction about Miss Transqueen India.
Ajit Varma, director of , the first Indian Transgender movie, hails the gallant step in empowering the third gender, Miss Transqueen India, a beauty pageant celebrating the third gender.
Miss Transqueen India, first ever Indian Transgender beauty pageant was hosted in Gurgaon. A young and bright 26 years old, Nitasha Biswas, a fashion student won the inaugural title of Miss Transqueen India.
“Unfortunately I was busy with the post-production of the film, so I couldn’t attend it but when I saw the pictures and videos from the event, I was so happy. I think it is an impressive step in right direction to empower the third gender” said Ajit Varma.
”, a dramatic and gut-wrenching social drama revolving around the lives of Transgender in India, aims to bring about awareness and help solve problems for the transgender community.
“The Trans citizens of India have played an important role in the history of our country. During the 16th century, Trans served as respected government advisers, but off-lately the group has also been met with widespread discrimination. With initiatives like Miss Trasnqueen and my movie , we will make a difference in the right direction” added Ajit.
The film stars Shakti Kapoor, Mukesh Rishi, Shahbaaz Khan, Ehsaan Khan, Deepsikha Naagpal, Manish Khanna and Sanchita Banerjee in pivotal roles.
The film is scheduled to release on 6th October 2017.