Mustafa Burmawalla – My Focus is Acting, Not Script Writing


Machine debutant Mustafa Burmawalla says that he is completely focused on acting, refuting the news about turning scriptwriter.
It was reported that Son of veteran Filmmaker Abbas, Actor Mustafa is all set of turn scriptwriter after his debut box-office disaster. In his recent interview actor confirmed that he did take-up writing but his complete focus in on acting.
“I am not writing right now but I am taking narration of different scripts. My whole concentration and focus is on acting career. I took writing before my movie release as I had some time, so I did some writing. But right now I am heading full time into acting. I am taking a lot of narration these days and very soon I will make the announcement about my second movie” said Mustafa during his recent media interaction.
Mustafa also spoke about taking different classes to polish his acting and other skills for silver-screen.
“I am reading a lot, I am working on my vocabulary, and I am taking classes. My schedule starts from five in the morning; I take my classes till one in afternoon. Things like action, gymnastic, kick boxing and dance is included in my daily routine” added Mustafa.
With digital platform and short movies gaining strong foot-hold in India, actor Mustafa also confirms working on short films which will go on floors soon.
“I am working on short films. I will be doing 2-3 short films very soon. They are content oriented and very different. I will start shooting very soon” confirmed Mustafa.
The actor also added that he is open to all genres, as he wants to explore himself as an actor. He said, “As an actor, when you explore yourself, you discover a lot. I want to do action, romance, reality based movies, we actors are selfish, and so we want to do everything.”