Men should shut up and stop it; Akshay Kumar comments on crimes against women


Akshar Kumar and Amit Lodha, IPS officer posted with BSF in Jaisalmer attended Bharat Ke Veer donation initiative on Monday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Akshay stated that Men should shut up and stop doing crimes against women but at the same time, women should also come forward to handle crime against them.

Akshay Kumar has took initiative to train women in self-defense but when asked Akshay that isn’t that men’s responsibility to behave properly with women, to that, Akshay said, “When a problem arises in your life that time, nobody is immediately going to help you. I feel we should learn to face problem. I understand that men should be aware of what they are doing but all women out there have to be careful. The law will take its own course but I would say that we have to prepare our self for the worst. We can’t stop people from doing unlawful activity at that time but if you are prepare for it then you can handle any situation on your own”

“Self dense is something which will help you in work ethics as well. I have trained myself in that and it helps me so many games which I haven’t played and because of that my reflexes also got better so I know that men should shut up and stop it but females out there should train themselves to teach lession to men.”

Akshay is also known for solid work ethics be it for his punctuality and time management, talking about that, Akshay said, “When we used to go to school in morning or afternoon so during that time there used to have certain kind of discipline among us but as we grown older we spoiled our habits, so for all these qualities which are within me, I want to credit this to my father and mother because it is because of them I still kept that with myself. I would also request everybody that you should try to consume your last meal around 6:30 in the evening and trust me, you will stay from all kind of diseases”

AKshay Kumar also talked about disappearing presence of NCC and Scouts at school level, he said, “I used to be scouts child. All those days have gone and slowly it is all disappearing. Now instead of NCC and Scouts, children are involved in I phones and video games, seeing that I feel very sad. I hope all those days should come back. I feel we should take our children to play outdoor sports. You should not present them with phones and all, we should present them something which is called small plain ball and let them play outside because it is important for them do that”

Talking about Bharat Ke Veer initiative Akshay made an emotional appeal to people of the country saying, “ I have wrote two lines for soldiers of our country. ‘When a terrorist puts down a weapon there will be no violence but remember when army guy puts down his weapon there will be no India’ so I feel we have to support them. They have to be part of us. I would make request to you with folded hands do whatever you can to support them”

He also added that he is also trying to bring same initiative to give some relief to injured security personnel of the country.

After success of Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, Akshay kumar next will be seen along with Rajnikanth in Shankar’s ‘2.0’ , R. Balki’s ‘Padman’ and Reema Kagti’s ‘Gold’.