Lara Dutta – I never had any bad experience with Paparazzi


Debate about Paparazzi and Star kids has been going on in Bollywood for longest. Some stars are against it and some are indifferent but the actress and supermodel Lara Dutta shares a little insight into the whole matter and hails Indian Paparazzi for being understanding.

“I don’t think about all this too much. I think life is organic and I’ve raised my daughter the way I wanted to raise her. I haven’t really faced any paparazzi trying to shove his camera in front of my face, and whenever I have request paparazzi to take my pictures and not of my daughter, they have complied. So I never had a bad experience where they have not listened to or attacked my child or whatever” said Lara Dutta on the sidelines of Bloggers Meet of Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Miss Universe India 2017.

Recently Shahrukhan’s daughter Suhana Khan was heckled by paparazzi for pictures, which sparked the debate about paparazzi crossing the line of decency but Lara Dutta quips that she never had such an experience and relationship between celebrity and paparazzi is give and take.

“I think, it is a give and take relationship. I know my responsibilities as a celebrity and sometimes it does so happen, that my daughter is okay with being clicked, I don’t really have a problem with it. But if my daughter is scared of what she is seeing, I will protect her, which is a motherly instinct”

“I think media and paparazzi in India, are little different than American paparazzi culture. Paparazzi in India understands if you request them that you’re frightening the child, don’t do it, they really listen and I am grateful for that” added Lara.

Lara Dutta is married to Indian Tennis Star Mahesh Bhupathi. The couple is blessed with beautiful daughter Saira Bhupathi.