‘ISIS – Enemies Of Humanity’ will give virtual trip to audience in the ISIS camp says Yuvraj Kumar


Yuvraj Kumar, a film-making student from Whistling Woods International and World Politics coming from defense background is gearing up for his upcoming release ‘ISIS – Enemies Of Humanity’ which is acted, directed and produced by Yuvraj himself. Yuvraj acted in play based on film ‘ISIS – Enemies Of Humanity’ which was directed by Joydeep Kumar on Thursday in Mumbai.

When asked Yuvraj about USP of his movie, he said, “I lived this movie. It’s in my blood. I believe in the solution and I want people to feel the movie that’s the reason I made it into a play. This film has power to end doctrine of extremism and terrorism. “

“This film is very cinematic. It is something which Indians should feel proud of. Cinema of Europe and America, they have maintained their standard, it’s not that Indian movie haven’t maintained their standard but I feel my film is similar to standards of European and American cinema.

‘Audience is going to have virtual trip to ISIS camp. When they will watch the movie they will feel that they are in ISIS camp. When terrorist will watch this movie they will also realize that we are using them in this movie.

When Yuvraj whether he has any kind of pressure from political or religious group since this film is based on sensitive topic of terrorism, he said, “I don’t have any kind of fear because I have made this film with good intension and not to hurt anyone. Through this movie, we are giving message to end terrorism so why should we have any kind of fear”

“I come from army family so I don’t get scare by terrorist or bad people. If somebody can come to have debate with me, then I am sure they will lose, if they have something bad to say about the movie. It is very difficult for anybody that I am doing something which will hurt anyone’s sentiments but off course I am hurting sentiments of terrorist because I have all the rights to do so”

When asked why he thought of doing a play before the film’s release, he said, “I am a student of Cinema and I am making cinema but I am somebody who likes to stick to the roots. And cinema is something that evolved from a play and that’s the reason I thought about doing the play. And on the other hand, I am talking to my audience through the cinema. But in the play, I get the chance to talk to them live and give the message first hand from me.”

Talking further about his movie Yuvraj said, “‘ISIS – Enemies of Humanity’, the film has the power to end extremism and radicalization, and denounce terrorism and is being released with the same motive.”

“I can assure you thins film will end the doctrine of terrorism because one- we will be exposing the violent terrorist ideology that people fall for, on the internet and when they become part of the camp. And second, we are giving a solution for the ideology; we are telling how to counter it. And that solution is ideally available in religious books itself.”

“It isn’t just about religious books and what they teach us. It is about humanity. Just knowing each other, loving each other, and trying to be a part of our globalized society.” said filmmaker Yuvraj during a media interaction.”

The film stars Rahul Dev, Rasheed Naaz, Yuvraj Kumar, Manon Faure, Harish Bhimani, directed by Yuvraj Kumar under the banner of Atlantic Films.

‘ISIS – Enemies of Humanity’ is slated to release on 29th September 2017.

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