First Thing I look for is Intention – Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub


Raees Famed Actor Zeeshan Ayyub is all geared up with his first solo movie, Sameer, says before everything else he looks at the intentions of the filmmaker.
Sameer is the debut feature film by award winning documentary maker Dakxin Chhara. Based on Hyderabad serial blast, the film stars popular actors like Zeeshan Mohammed Ayyub, who quips that he checked the intention of filmmaker before coming onboard.
“I take my decision after reading the script. I read the script even before the narration because there is huge difference between reading the script and narration. Generally I have seen, finally what comes on screen is written script. The written script is the base and your foundation”
“Other thing that I look for is the Intention of the filmmaker, why does he want to make this particular film? If Dakxin wanted to make this film only for controversial reason, I wouldn’t have been part of it. If you really wanted to bring something honestly onscreen, I am with you” added Zeeshan.
Sameer is a political thriller based on real life incident. The movie chronicles the tale of a common man, who is mistakenly identified as a terrorist and how police forces him to turn into a mole for his freedom.
The movie was axed for its dialogues and on-screen violence by CBFC, which dishearten the Zeeshan and the filmmaker, but the actor is hopeful that with Parsoon Joshi at CBFC, things will change.
“His appointment is very new but I am really very hopeful. I have seen his old work; it’s very positive and interesting. We look up to his work. He has written beautiful songs and films. I am hopeful that things will change now; creativity will find some real freedom rather than keeping it locked in a room” said Zeeshan.
Zeeshan, who is noted for his comic second fiddle in movies like Raanjhanaa, Tanu Weds Manu and many more, shares his real reason for picking up such a complex and intense role.
“Art without your social surrounding and political understanding is not possible. Art comes from within and it is influenced by things around you. Lately people have started to see things in black or white, which is not the case. The beauty of life lies within the grey area. No one is completely good or bad, everyone has everything within himself. I wanted to bring that on screen”
The film also stars Subrat Dutta, Anjali Patil, Chinmay Mandlekar and Seema Biswas in pivotal roles. The film releases on 8th September 2017.