Evelyn Sharma – I love Bigg Boss, but won’t participate


Jab Harry Met Sejal Famed Actress Evelyn Sharma says that she loves Bigg Boss show but finds it hard to participate, on the sidelines of reality adventure survivor show promotion here in Mumbai.
“My favourite show would be Bigg Boss, I think if there is any other survivor show right now that’s Bigg Boss because it is really hard to survive on that. I like to watch Bigg Boss, but don’t like to participate. I think they’ve been calling me every year asking me, Hey Evelyn, I think now is the time for you to go on Bigg Boss, but I don’t think so, I will be crying whole day on the show” added Evelyn.
Evelyn Sharma is all geared up to explore the uncharted territory of “Reality Adventure Show” with upcoming Voot original series, Stupid Man Smart Phone, express that her love for travel interested her in the new series.
“I love travelling and I’ve done one show before which was adventure travel show. I’ve never really done anything in reality adventure space as such and this show is very real, it is a survival show”
“For me, I love exploring the culture and new places, so when they asked me to go into the jungle of Tamilnadu, that was quite exciting” added Evelyn Sharma during her media interaction for the show.
Stupid Man Smart Phone, an Indian version of the popular UK show of the same name, an adventure reality show, Evelyn Sharma will be seen exploring the wilderness of dense Tamilnadu forests.
“I have done a lot of movies, which were quite dangerous to shoot. Like, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, we shot in Kimchi pass, it was really high up in the mountains. But this is first for me when you’re alone in the forest and have to survive on your own. I love travelling, exploring new places, so going into the jungle of Tamilnadu was exciting for me” added Evelyn.