Bollywood celebrities attend special screening of Lucknow Central


Makers of Lucknow Central hosted special screening of their film on Wednesday in Mumbai. Bollywood celebrities like Nikhil Advani, Mini Mathur, Ravi Kishan, Helan, Salim Khan, Prem Chopra, Diana Penty, Farhan Akhtar attended the screening.

Here’s what they have to say about Lucknow Central –

Nikhil Adavani – We have been hearing good things about the film from the last three trails which we organized since Sunday. I am quite sure that Ranjit Tiwari has made good film. We are getting really positive comments but real test will be on Friday when audience will watch it in theatres. We have done very limited promotion for the film because I want the film to speak. We haven’t resorted to controversy or other things which have nothing to do with the film. We just have tried to put our film out their whether it was Farhan, Diana or other ensemble cast.

Ravi Kishan – I am playing role of chief minister of Uttar Pradesh in this film. He has different kind of views. He has big dreams and he often compares himself with Donald Trump so my character has lot satire and comic aspect. I have worked with many actors and now Farhan is one of them. He is very honest and very particular about his time and rehearsals that was the biggest learning from him. Despite being a brand, he passionately works on his craft.

Daina Penty – I am looking forward to the film. Only two days to go so I am really excited and I want to know audience reaction about the film when you have put in so much of hard work so when film finally comes together it’s the first thing you want to know is that what audience think about the film. It was really great experience working in this film. It’s a very unique story. It’s fun, entertaining, emotional and it’s a feel good film. Coming together of cast that is so talented is also what really special about the film so working with them was obviously a great experience.

I was more concerned that I will not able to live up to standard of performance amongst such experienced actor. I was least experienced on the film set so I was little worried about that but hopefully it turned out well. They were very nice to me and made me very comfortable on the set.

Farhan Akhtar – When I travelled Chandigarh and Delhi, I realized that audience has curiosity and awareness about our film so I am really happy with it. I hope people will like the story of the film. When I heard the story I had really nice feeling about it so I hope people will also have nice feeling at the end of this film.

It’s a very solid story which has lot of substance, content is very strong and characters are memorable. Dialogues are also really good. People are appreciating music of the film as well.

When asked him how content based films are dominating the box office nowadays, Farhan said, “We should always give importance to content. If we remove locations, look from the film then I feel heart of any film is story. Film is audio-visual medium for telling a story so if people are giving clear sign that they want to see interesting stories so it’s really good thing so we as film industry should be happy because it’s our job to tell a story”

Talking about clash with Kangana Ranaut’s Simran, Farhan said, “Everyone want single release for their film but there are only 52 weeks in a year and we make lot of films so eventually films will clash with each other but I hope Simran also does well and our film also does well so we can have joint celebration of our successes”.

The fast-paced trailer tells the story of a small-towner who dreams to be a singer. But fate has other plans for him as he gets wrongfully charged for murder. He is put in jail where his life is turned to hell.

Lucknow Central stars farhan Akhtar, Diana Penty, Gippy Grewal, Ronit Roy, Deepak Dobriyal, InaamUlHaq and Rajesh Sharma.

It is directed by Ranjit Tiwari and it si produced by Nikhil Advani and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures.

It is releasing on 15 September, 2017.