Arjun Rampal is extremely under directed actor says Ashim Ahluwalia


National award filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia interacted with media ahead of release of his upcoming film Daddy starring Arjun Rampal in central character. While interacting with media, Ashim stated that Arjun Rampal is under directed actor.

Arjun Rampal has won National award for film like Rock On but still he hasn’t able to get his due as an actor in the industry, when asked about this to Ashim, he said, “I think for me, he is extremely under directed actor. People are not directed him well. I just feel that to actually maximize someone’s potential you have to know what they can offer and you have to push them and to push them, you have to stop all formalities. You have to be able to push him and there has to be fight between you. If the director is always giving into the actor or the star then no one is going to direct them”

Talking about his movie, he said, “I feel people should come to see this movie about an incredible life. Rarely do you see human life over 40-50 years that has gone through so much of wildness and intensity which is just incredible so just for that reason and out of connection for one human to another people should see it. I would not like to give any kind message through this film and necessarily moralize something. It’s not my place do that”.

Talking about character of Asha Gawali who is wife of Arun Gawli and how he stayed away from cliché while making this film, he said, “Asha Gawli is very big part of Arun Gawli’s life. She is his pillar of strength. Her history is also very interesting. From the beginning, I was very clear about space of this film. It wasn’t Arjun being amazing sexy hunk protagonist and we also didn’t need fair actress to do this. And apart from that, I didn’t wanted that typical dialogue baazi and punch lines which we see in gangster films. We wanted to stay away from all these cliché.”

‘Aishwarya rajesh from South who is palying Asha Gawali was really off the mark and she played perfect Asha Gawli and Asha gawali herself admitted that thing to us. It’s not done in typical fashion where there is song a song and suddenly Arun Gawli is romantic walking the garden”

When asked what you seek from this film – critical acclaim or box-office collection, to that, Ahluwalia added, “As a filmmaker, I don’t think about responses because if you start second guessing what audience is thinking then you start censoring what you are feeling. You lose track of your intuition so we only tried to make it as pure as possible”

Ahluwalia also spoke about reasons for postponing release of Daddy, he said, “It was request from Gawali family. They wanted to push it because for Arun Gawli , Ganapati festival is very auspicious time and it’s a big film for him as well because his life story has never been made. I think that is least we can do when this man has given us so much trust to make a film despite the fact that we are not showing him as hero but still he was okay with it”

Daddy is presented by Kundalini Entertainment and Karta Entertainment. It is set to release on 8 September, 2017.

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