Actress Divyanka Tripathi tweeted that she is Alive


Divyanka Tripathi, the most famous TV actress, is also a victim of social media rumours. The news related to her death on Twitter became viral. After that actress tweeted to the people that she is safe and secure. False news is being spread about about her.

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After news of death became viral, the fan of Divyanaka started becoming parish. They started receiving messages from the fans. On being informed about the matter, she was very surprised that after all who is spreading the news of her death in this manner. For information on the fans, Divyanka wrote on Twitter, “Someone is spreading news of my death, I am absolutely alive. Please do not disturb my friends and family with such news.’

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Talking to TOI on the rumor of her death, Divyanka said, “People believe in such rude rumours and then call on those who know me that my accidents have happened or I have died. I get annoyed with calls from my fans. That’s why I had to say on social media that people should not believe this kind of news. “After the day’s tweet, fans have breathed a sigh of relief. So far, it has not been revealed that who spread the rumours of the death of Divyanka and why?