With Prasoon Joshi at least we can discuss our issues says Vinay Pathak


Versatile actor Vinay Pathak attended premier of his short film Dark Brew on Wednesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Pathak stated that at least now from here onwards film industry will be able to discuss their issues with .

Recently, Prasoon Joshi appointed as news chief, when asked Pathak about this decision from government, he said, “Appointment of Prasoon Joshi as new chief is definately good decision for the film industry because he represents the film industry he has earlier worked in this industry and done credible work over the years and I feel more than that, with Prasoon Joshi we can discuss our issues. He seems more open to have dialogue so it’s a very positive and right step in terms of giving freedom to filmmakers”

Talking about Dark Brew, he said, “It’s a short film. Duration of this film is around 11-12 minutes. It is based on relationships. There are three characters in the film. One of them played my wife in the film and another female actress has played my wife’s Psychiatrist so it the story revolves around them.”

When asked him what prompted him to do this film, he said, “It’s a very interesting story. It’s a story of few hours. It tells a story about things happened with these characters in that particular hour and how their life come across with each other so that was excited for me as an actor and I agreed to be part of it”

Talking about digital format, he said, “It’s a new platform. Now we are bit skeptical about this format as we used to be when Television came few years back. Whenever, we break normalcy then there will be some kind of disturbance so I think it will take some time to accept this medium but I feel through this medium filmmakers get opportunity to present different kind of stories which is amazing for actors and filmmakers”

Talking about his current work, Pathak said, “I am doing television, theatre and films at this point of time. I am doing 4 plays right now so I am travelling for that since the beginning of this year.”

The movie revolves around a Man’s realization where he visualizes in his dream that his wife has caught him two-timing with another female and in the process also learns that she has plotted to kill him in the process. When the man wakes up he realizes he is still alive and starts firmly believing that his wife will actually kill him. Will he survive in real life? Will his consciousness make him a loyal man?

Dark Brew is a film by Akash Goila, produced by Aashish Sachdeva, starring Vinay Pathak, Sheetal Thakur and Shibani Bedi.