Umeed’s message to find a solution for Unethical drug tests says Dalip Tahil

Due to Technology, Actors can find work – Dilip Tahil
Due to Technology, Actors can find work – Dilip Tahil

who is gearing up for an upcoming film Umeed, in a personal interview spoke about, the film’s message to find a solution for Unethical drug tests.

While speaking about the film, Dalip said on Monday, “In all the years that I have been in the industry, this is the first time someone has come up with a story like this. Umeed is talking about unethical medical testing and trying to stop it. All we are looking for is after watching Umeed, unethical medical testing happening in India on children should be banned. The film’s message is to find a solution for this issue.”

The actor who has been part of the industry for about 50 years spoke about the massive changes that time has brought, he said, “There has been a positive change in the industry since I did my first feature film. When I got the film Shaan there were 20 other actors outside the office waiting for a chance. They didn’t have any other work. I think TV has improved actor’s life. Television has provided employment to many actors which is a great improvement.”

He further added, “If actors today don’t get a chance in feature films they have plenty work available in the television industry. The corporate work force was the same, assistant directors and coordinators. It’s just that they have fancy names now.”

He also spoke about the new kind of cinema released with different stories other than commercial streamlined cinema he said, “The increased number of screens has made it possible for ever small films to source great business. There are so many different films they release now and they have all unique stories. 20 yrs ago these films wouldn’t have worked only. This improvement in amazing, future will be even more different people will watch film on their smart phones. The film would have to be very huge for it to be able to grab audiences’ attention and pull them towards the theaters.”

Umeed is a directed by Rajat Mukherjee and stars Harsh Chhaya, Anjali Patil, Freddy Daruwala, Milind Gunaji and Mohan Kapoor. It will release on 22nd September 2017.