Simran is Ode to the spirit of belonging and deserving – Kangana Ranaut


Kangana Ranaut was today present at the trailer launch of her upcoming film which is directed by Hansal Mehta and spoke about the story and her character in the movie.
“Story about a girl, who works in housekeeping department, she belongs to the grass-root level of the society but her dreams a very high and she wants to belong and she thinks deserves. So it’s just an ode to that spirit” says Kangana.
chronicles the adventure and life of Praful Patel, played by Kangana, who is struggling with her habit of “Stealing and Gambling” and goes about living life without ever giving up.
Kangana Ranaut is noted for bringing some unusual and quirky characters alive on-screen and draws a parallel with her real life, says her characters holds part of her personality.
“Playing any character, you’ve to identify and lent that part of your personality to your character. So thing about Praful (her character in ) is that it doesn’t matter which place she belongs to, but she tries to make her own place”
“I call my life pursuit of magic, but the only difference is that I realized magic, like when I cleared my audition for gangster, but Praful never did” adds Kangana.
Kangana also went on to reveal a shocking incident which took place during the shoot in America. “A funny thing happened while driving on a street in America, my driver passed out, he banged into the side walk and then we took him to the hospital. It took me a lot of time to recover from this trauma”
is all set to release this on 15th September .