Rishi Kapoor – All Are Criminals, RamRahim, Asaram, Radhe Maa, Nityanand


Rishi Kapoor is back with his Twitter Shenanigans, slams the “Guru’s” and “Mata’s” by calling them Criminals and Frauds.
In last couple of years, India witnessed downfall of controversial “God Man And Woman”, which caused quite an uproar and mayhem. Currently the country is facing dire crisis caused by Dera Chief Ram Rahim followers post his rape case verdict.
The court is yet to announce the punishment for “Dera Chief” but veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor has already deemed him criminal, not only him but the entire “Guru and Mata” clan in India, criminals.
Rishi Kapoor posted on his social media, along with pictures of “God Man and Woman” and wrote, “Frauds. Blind faith in con people. Government must punish these fraudsters. Sukhwinder Kaur(Radhema) Gurmeet, , a. All Criminals!”
Rishi Kapoor also made a suggestion that the property damage cause by Dera Chief must be compensated by selling of his assets, which are huge. The actor wrote, “Attach all Dera properties and sell them to compensate the national loss by arson and vandalism. Shame Gurmeet followers. No respect for you”
Dera Chief Ram Rahim, Babu and Swami saw their downfall from grace due to sexual assault on devotees, especially women. Whereas Radhe Maa, also known as Sukhwinder Kaur, saw her downfall due to her involvement in a dowry case and obscene behaviour.
Each time alleged religious giants went down, the left behind a trail of broken homes, burnt cities and massive property loss.