The more Local we go the more Global we become says Nawazuddin Siddiqui

The more Local we go the more Global we become says Nawazuddin Siddiqui
The more Local we go the more Global we become says Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Makers of and members of Indian Films and Television Directors Association (IFTDA) jointly hosted press conference on Wednesday in Mumbai against CBFC new order which ordered ’s makers 48 cuts from their film to be eligible of Adult certification for their film’s release. While addressing the media, films’ leading actor stated that when we are able to touch local chords with the film that’s when it gets recognition globally.
The censor board has ordered 48 cuts in the film for it to be eligible for an adult certification. On Tuesday, director Kushan Nandy alleged that CBFC has handed him a list, which includes cuss words, kissing and intimate scenes and dialogues that it wants removed from his film.
Talking about the whole controversy, Nawazuddin who has travelled abroad in many film festivals for his films said, “The kind of character and the kind of background that characters come from, an actor obviously has to use that kind of language to play the character that’s when it becomes authentic. To establish a character, we have to use lot of nuances that happens only when we add local flavor to it and sometimes cuss words are used to bring weightage to the character. As an actor, I feel that when a film able to touch local cords that’s when it gets recognition globally. If we start to washout such kind of films then our cinema’s outcome will be zero percent on the international platform so it’s better that we have to think about it”
He added, ‘It gets scary when you improvise while acting in the film because you feel that no wrong word should be used by me in a certain scene. It becomes very mechanical for the actor when he always need to think about expressing his character on screen in certain manner.”
Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha also brought in another important point of view in that debate, he said, “Cinematograph act written in 1952 that time our country wasn’t well settled so they didn’t knew what kind of cinema is going to be made in future. Its (act) is really vague. If you start to follow that strictly then no film will get released and I feel they (CBFC) will find some issue in ‘Jai Santoshi Maa’ as well. From many years, the act and its guidelines is interpreted by whole lot of individuals so on that interpretation, Udta Punjab gets released and this film also will eventually get release but I feel this matter has to go to parliament because that act need to be amended by Parliament and the bad news is that parliament is not able to look after the more important bills of our country so I am very depressed to think what is the future because cinematograph act is not ever going to be placed in the parliament house in years to come. Now there is Pehlaj Nihalani and after 6 months there will be some other person so we will left for the interpretation from this person which is the saddest part of this business.”
Now Makers of has approached the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) against CBFC’s orders.
was scheduled to release to on 25 August but now it seems audience might have to wait till FCAT gives green signal to film.