Kajal Aggarwal believes in associating with social causes that she is passionate about


who is gearing up for her upcoming short film, was present at the launch of the film, on Monday said she believes in associating with social causes that she is passionate about.

Kajal when asked about how important it is for actors to be part of social causes she said, “I strongly believe in associating with social causes that I believe in. It always helps if you support something that you believe in because you are more passionate about it. I personally want to try and influence in the best possible manner especially for the little followers that I have, anything that can make a difference.”

The south Actress also spoke about working in different languages, “I didn’t know the languages when I initially started out. I have worked in Tamil, Telugu and in Hindi. Hindi is home taught so it comes naturally, I am a Punjabi girl. I have picked up on Telugu over the past few years, I can now speak in Telugu and I understand the language fluently. I am not good with Tamil but I do understand the language.”

When the director Kush Sinha was asked why did he decided to debut with Social cause films he said, “Why not, I think in this country we need to do more social cause films so that people are active. Just like this film why is there a shortage of blood when there are so many people in the country it’s because people are not aware and they are not active.

If you can make a difference in any way it’s good and the fact that everyone took out time from their busy schedule to do this is amazing. We hope that this will change people’s minds. I believe real power is when you influence people’s minds for greater good. And that’s how I see it when I do my work.”

is the first of a series of short film. Each film will have its social message for its viewers.

stars, and . Sonakshi’s brothers Kush Sinha will make his directorial debut with these series of short films. The director also mentioned that the short films will be dubbed and launched in other languages.