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I put my soul into making of the Toliet ek prem katha Anthem song, says Vickey Prasad

Vickey Prasad, Toilet ek prem KAtha’s music Composer talks about his road to the big break. On froday in an interview he said, he put his soul into the making of Toliet ek prem katha Anthem.

When asked how he landed the music composures job in the film Vickey said, “In October 2016, my mentor called me up for a meeting which was for toilet ek prem katha, Manoy sir is an associate direct for the film. When I went there to meet the director then I found about whose film it is and its affiliated to Swacha Bharat Abhiyan. I was nervous but I wasn’t going to let go of that big opportunity. I put my soul into making of the Toliet ek prem katha Anthem song. I am really happy that it is being apriciated so much by everyone.”

Vickey Prasad had a passion for music and worked his way through life to achieve his dream, he spoke about his journey, “No matter where you go, you have to go through some hardships. It feels easy to say everything but it was a long process to get here. When I moved to Delhi I didn’t have any means to make contacts in the Industry. So I got in touch with a bunch of people through Facebook for 3 more months and tried to in touch with relevant people.

Eventually I came to Mumbai, I met a few people tried to get some work but it didn’t work out, I had nothing to show for. There was a time when I thought now I have to find some work for money I worked in KFC for a month and a half. But after working there I promised myself whatever money I earn now will be only from music. After some time I got my first job, it wasn’t something I wanted to do, I wanted to be a composer but I had no other option but to take that job.”

When asked about his future projects, Vickey said, “I recently worked on project is a film starring Sanjay Mishra, there are 4 songs in the film and I have worked on all 4 along with film’s background as a composer and I will also be singing a romantic song. I plan to put my heart and soul in all my future projects. This big break that I have received is bigger than a dream come true for me. Definitely it is the biggest turning point in my life; at least I will be recognized by people for my work.”

Vickey Prasad has composed for 3 songs in the film Toliet Ek Prem Katha and sung the Toilet Anthem with Akshay Kumar. The other songs include, ‘Hans Mat Pagli’ and ‘Bakheda’.

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