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I love working in action genre says Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez is all set with their upcoming action-thriller-comedy film ‘A Genlteman’. Sidharth while promoting his film talked with media ahead of his film’s release in Mumbai in which he stated that he loves working in action films.
When asked him he is the only actor in younger lot of actors who is doing action films like Ek Villain, Brothers and now A Gentleman, to that, Sidharth said, “I love this genre. I grew up on action movies. I love combination of stylized action and comedy which also gives thrilling experience of different zone to the audience. In India, we don’t make films on this genre as compare to foreign films. Earlier, Mr. Bachchan and Mr. Dharmendra used do these kind of movies but I feel its wasn’t conscious effort from my side but after enjoying working in action films I think I wold love do to action film once in two years. I also hope that this film becomes successful so we can make franchise of this film.”
Sidharth is playing character of Gaurav and Rishi in the film, talking about his character, Sidharth said, “Gaurav is NRI who lives in Miami. He has typical dreams. He wants to do 9 To 5 job and he wants to start his family on the other hand, Rishi lives in Mumbai. He is aggressive and he is not happy with the kind of work he is doing. He wears leather jacket, rides bike, does action so both these characters have completely opposite characteristic”
“I personally enjoyed playing Rishi because he is more stylized and Gaurav has some weird dreams, he is bit off as person. I have never seen a person who is so obsessed of getting married so I don’t relate to him. In this film, more humor comes came out from Gaurav’s character and more action came out of Rishi’s character”.
Sidharth also spoke about his experience working with Jacqueline, he said, “I earlier worked with Jacqueline in Brothers but I didn’t shared much screen space with her in that film but we got to know each other well in this film. We shot this film for a year in Miami, Bankok, Goa and Mumbai. Jacky is fabulous co-star. She doesn’t need any icebreaker. She is always happy and she doesn’t take stress of work so it helps to have someone like her around you who is so positive and I respect her as she also a self made person and she is also a fitness freak so during the shoot of the film we bonded on things like fitness and horse riding”.
Sidharth is the only outside young actor in the presence of Ranbir kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Ranvir Singh who has strong filmy background so when asked him whether this gives him sense of gratification, Sidharth said, “Definitely, Whenever I look back and see my journey, it does give me sense of gratification and confidence. I have gone through odd journey coming from Delhi and then assisting in films, struggling to get films and now finally sitting across you for the promotions. I have started here from zero so I think I have kind of become fearless because even I stop acting tomorrow , I feel I have nothing to lose so it does give me certain sense of achievement”.
A Gentleman is directed by Krishna D.K. and Raj Nidimoru. It is produced by Fox Star Studios.
It is releasing on 25 August, 2017.

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