I enjoy playing twisted and quirky characters says Emraan Hashmi


Emraan Hashmi, Ajay Devgn, Milan Lutharia, Esha Gupta, Ileana D’Cruz attended promotional event of their upcoming film on Wednesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Emraan stated that he enjoys playing twisted and quirky characters.

Emraan Hashmi almost in all his films has been seen in slightly grey and morally questioned characters, when asked about that, he said, “Most of films that I have done, they have slightly twisted  and quirky in their own way. I think I enjoy playing that, I don’t see myself playing goody-goody roles because I find them boring as if a character does everything politically correct things onscreen  then I don’t see any kind of drama in that.”

“Most of my characters and genres I delved have certain dark shades, I don’t see them as that dark but there is perception because in our industry there is much of fluffiness as we make comedies and a love story then whenever I go slightly off from that then it is perceived as darker shade characters. This character from is also inclining towards that genre and those kind of characters for sure”.

At one time, Emraan was regarded as one of the bankable stars of Bollywood but from last 2-3 years he wasn’t up to the mark when it came to content of his films is concerned, talking about that, Emraan said, “there was a time in my career, I was doing films whichever  coming my way. I wasn’t analyzing too much about that because I didn’t wanted to sit at home but now, I am focused when it comes to a good script. I don’t want to do films for any reasons.”

“I will be honest, four-five years back, there was a situation where I was doing such films. I am not the same person what I was five-six years back. When people ask me, whether I will do next part of Raaz or Murder, then I don’t think I will get into that. Now I would want to do films that reflect my thinking so is that kind of film”

“I always wanted to do heist film but I wasn’t getting script of this level. There were all low on concept and substance so I feel after this film I will keep continue doing these kind of films”

Emraan is doing his first action film, talking about that, Emraan said, “I haven’t done out and out action film till date. I have done some action in my earlier films but this was different kind of structure and it was challenge for me do action because Ajay and Vidyut has done so many action films but they supported me while shooting this film. I think it’s kind of genre I want to do again but it has to be on this scale because is very big budget film so if I get offer from film like this then I would definitely do that”