From last 15 years I have been raising issues of children says Amole Gupte

Writer and Filmmaker Amole Gupte who has earlier made children’s film like Stanley Ka Dabba, Hawa Hawai is now all set to release his upcoming child film Sniff. In an interview, Gupte stated that he is raising issues of children’s through filmmaking from last 15 years.

When asked Gupte, why he always like to make children-based movie, to that, he said, “From last 15 years, I am raising issues of childrens through my movies. I feel there has to be someone who need to present issues and sentiments of children to adult section so over the years, my aim is to attract people’s attention towards children issue as they are our future generation. If you give attention to their issues then only they will listen to us.”

“Most of the time people say that in India, we don’t make film for family viewing and most of the times parents take their kids to watch U/A certified movies and if in that movie any intimate scene appears then it becomes embarrassing for the parents to see that kind of films with them so I feel we should make more films which can seen with the entire family”.

Talking about his movie sniff, he said, “It’s a universal and entertaining film. It’s a story of young kid who has super power of smelling around his locality and it shows how this boy solves series of crime with his superpower. This film also depicts family values of our Indian society. We have made very special climax for this film and in the climax, there is an interesting message for the audience which will enable them to think about that after they watch the film. It has lot of humour, action and little bit of suspense”

Talking about his working policy with children, he said, “I feel child comes before anything else.. I don’t take audition of childrens in my films and I don’t put any kind of pressure on them while shooting the film. We shot this film in a school and at my residential society so there, kids used to have lots of fun and in the meantime, we used to shoot the film. We don’t used to on children school days so it kind of created happy atmosphere while shooting the film among these children”

Sniff is based on the life of a young Punjabi kid, Sunny Gill who lacks the ability to smell his surroundings. But a chemical accident in his school laboratory enhances his sense of smell and the troublemaker suddenly becomes a super-sniffer of sorts.

Sniff is directed by Amole Gupte, and stars Khushmeet Gill, Vahin Trehan, Rohhan Soni.

It is scheduled to release on 25th August, 2017.

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