Eternally Grateful for Second Lease at Life – Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor has ventured into the new space of Short format with her “ALT Balaji” platform, says she is eternally grateful to have a second lease at creative life because of digital space on the sidelines of “Bose Dead/Alive” Trailer launch.
“Thank God I got a chance to tell such stories. You wouldn’t believe that amount of stories we have and wanted to tell, but due to lack of short format on television, we couldn’t. Digital space has given me, as a creative person the second lease of life. I am eternally grateful to be able to tell these stories” said Ekta.
Forthcoming venture “Bose: Dead/ Alive”, starring Rajkummar Rao in the titular role, have been a major subject of curiosity for numerous admirers of the legendary freedom fighter as well as for the fans of the National Award winning actor. Now the Trailer is out and it is brilliant.
Ekta Kapoor also added that her team researched the material on freedom fighter Shubhash Chandra Bose to a point, where she had to request them stop.
“They spent 18 months on research; they searched the available and un-available material, I had to tell my writers to stop at one point of time. I thought they would be lost in that searching” added Ekta.
Ekta Kapoor is definitely the undisputed champion of daily soaps and shares her thought about digital space and bringing her “soap” actors and actress of the platform.
“We are doing a new show with Rajiv Khandelwal and there are tones of other big names coming. I would love to rejoin with my actors, but the issue is television has become very mass, so actors with urban sensibilities weren’t being appreciated on television, so we were waiting for medium where we could do short format shows with them” adds Ekta.
The web-series has been directed by Pulkit, while National Award winning director Hansal Mehta has taken the role of creative director.

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