YRF Brings Varun Dhawan & Anushka Sharma Together In SUI DHAAGA – Made in India

YRF Brings Varun Dhawan & Anushka Sharma Together In SUI DHAAGA - Made in India
YRF Brings Varun Dhawan & Anushka Sharma Together In SUI DHAAGA - Made in India

Yash Raj films had delivered a pleasant surprise with the runaway hit . Written and directed by Sharat Katariya and produced by Maneesh Sharma, the film made great impact with the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and mainstream film awards. Now the duo are set to bring a second film, , with and . The film will feature these superstars for the first time.

said, “From Gandhiji to Modiji, our country’s leaders have always endorsed the mantra of Made in India. With I am proud to take their message to millions of movie lovers in a manner that is entertaining and relevant. I really liked the script Sharat had written and I am happy that I am teaming up with YRF on this movie. Anushka and me are teaming up for the first time so I am sure there will be fireworks.”

quote: “I always get excited with unique ideas that have human interest stories.

is a story of self reliance that I believe will connect to the grassroots level with every Indian. And am really looking forward to work with and the team of Maneesh Sharma and Sharat Katariya.”

With a title that induces curiosity, the film also holds promise with this mint fresh pairing of and .

Speaking about the film, Maneesh Sharma said, “After the love and appreciation garnered from the audience, it’s very exciting to team up once again with Sharat to tell a heartwarming story of pride and self reliance. This story finds its roots in the heart of India, and reflects the passion that runs through the veins of every single Indian. is a story that will resonate with all of us, and with Varun and Anushka I think we’ve found just the right vehicles to tell it.”

Sharat Katariya further adds, “Finally, we have a story worth telling. It’s a great feeling to begin again. There is excitement mixed with nervousness. There is joy of reuniting with old friends and new collaborators.

Everyone is even more experienced than before…hoping we’ll work again with the same innocence and joy.”

With such a stellar team on board, – Made in India holds promise and excitement for audiences. The film will begin shooting in January 2018 and will hit theatres on Gandhi Jayanti 2018.