UAE and Gulf countries will enjoy Jab Harry met Sejal before India


took to twitter to announce Sejal will take to theaters a day earlier in UAE and Gulf countries.

“Enjoy Sejal in theatres in UAE-GCC, 3rd August onwards!”  tweeted the lead actor.

who has a huge fan base in the UAE and other Gulf countries also released his former film Raees 3 days earlier in Egypt and Jordan. The upcoming romantic comedy sejal is set to release in India on 4th August a day later.

The film directed by Imtiaz Ail and starring and launched a series of Mini trails in June. The film is yet to release a full-fledged trailer. The cast is busy promoting the songs of the film that have recently been released, titled Radha, Beech Beech Mein and Butterfly.

The film presented by Red Chillies Entertainment is about the duo travelling across different countries looking for Sejal’s lost engagement ring.