Shahrukh Khan and Arnab Goswami on my Wish list – Neha Dhupia


“Shah Rukh Khan and on my wish list” says during the press junket held for the launch of “No Filter Neha Season 2”.
After epic successful first season, actress and talks show host, is coming out with the second season of “No Filter Neha”, where Bollywood celebrities bare their heart out, but this time has a special wish list.
“Someone on my wish list apart from Shah Rukh Khan is . I want him SRK and Arnab to get this message, I want them to come; they needs to be on No Filter Neha” says Neha.
The actress Neha also added that she is excited about the second season as she built the show from scratch.
“I am very excited about the second season No Filter Neha. This has been very interesting and rewarding for me to be co-producer on the show. I mean, you work on different projects, movies and events, but doing something from the scratch which is your own; whether it is co-creating or writing the program or being the host, it is exciting and rewarding” adds Neha.
Apart from the talk show, is also geared up with “Tumhari Sulu” which has Vidya Balan in the lead.
“Tumhari Sulu is out-and-out Vidya Balan’s film. She plays the role of Sulu, she is life of the film. We’re just by-standers in the film. For me it was a matter of great honor to work with somebody, I’ve always been a fan of” says Neha.
“Tumhari Sulu” is an upcoming comedy-drama film, directed by Suresh Triveni. The film stars Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, and RJ Malishka. The movie will release on December 1, 2017.