Shakti Kapoor dragged out Shraddha Kapoor from Farhan Akhtar’s house


Latest topic for gossip to all Bollywood Geeks and fans came us at today morning, when Shakti kapoor visited ’s house in morning and forcely dragged out Shraddha from Farhan’s house. Actually just moved in with and as per the report of Spotboy Farhan’s neighbour confirmed that today morning Shakti kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure made a surprise visit to Farhan’s house and Shraddha without creating a scene she went with her father.

When Bollywood Life try to confirm the same with Shakti Kapoor, He said “That’s total crap! It’s all shit. Somebody else also called me to inform me about this, but don’t believe it. It’s total, total, TOTAL crap” He further added “See I have been in this industry for over 35 years now. I know what happens so we don’t react to such things. It’s okay.”

No one knows What’s the actual truth behind all this scene, if any one know than it should be Shraddha, Farhan and their family maembers. But one thing is confirmed that Shraddha’s parents are not happy with her relationship with .

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