Raees Controversy : SRK’s RAEES Hurts ISLAM SENTIMENTS | Deleted Scenes

Raees Controversy
Raees Controversy

Controversy: ’s latest upcoming movie “” trailer was appreciated by many of his Fans and trailers got viral on youtube with few hours of it’s launched. On the other hand on the Islamic community had an objection with one of a scene shown in the trailer. It has been reported in Mumbai with Sia community that uses of the religious symbols in the scene, Symbol that depicts a holy symbol during Moharram. 

The community has obligated to the makers of that makers made a fun of holy symbols in the movie and they want this scene to be from the movie. If this scene was not then all Sia Community will protest across and they will not let the movie release. Well, this was not the first time when we see any controversies related to . A local court in Ahmedabad had issued a notice to Shahrukh’s Production Red Chilly’s as Suit by the son of Late Gangster Abdul Lateef on whose story this film based on. The another one with big clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. Now it’s a fresh controversy, what’s your view on this comment below.