Movie Review : #WajahTumHo – assault and remixes-neglects to hit the pinpoint center


-a strong blend of sex, killings, assault and remixes-neglects to hit the pinpoint center. Everybody has a thought process to execute, however the film is a long way from being an executioner. On the off chance that Pandya had not been employed to rudder it, we would have had an alternate story.

Rajneesh Duggal as the media noble looks every last bit the part he plays, Sana Khan gets her new rent of life (Jai Ho discharged in Jan 2013) with both hands, and TV star Gurmeet Chaudhary treads on the new region with care.

To be reasonable, Wajah Tum Ho excites enthusiasm for some bits, yet exactly when you begin getting into the plot-Sana and Gurmeet are tossed into dream groupings which are brimming with healthy kisses. Out you go once more!

So there’s a runway and there’s a plane, and there’s an untrained pilot. So there’s a story, however there’s no script and screenplay.

Test this present: Pandya’s group of essayists (which incorporates Sameer Arora and Virag Mishra) headed without anyone else has penned lines like: Sana Khan saying, “He has conceded that he is NOT included!” Does one concede when he is “included” or ‘not included’? Gurmeet and Rajneesh mouth: “Tumhare yeh adarsh, Tumhare yeh usool”. Mr Bachchan, have you tuned in?

Add this to the long clarification that Wajah Tum Ho gives on how TV channels put their projects on air.

Pandya’s cardinal sin is that he gives a capable performing artist a chance to like Sharman Joshi down. Better believe it, the same Sharman who rubbed shoulders with Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots.

The camera waits on Sana Khan and Sherlyn Chopra’s body more than ever, Sana and Gurmeet strike an unstable science and Rajneesh beds Sherlyn Chopra in style.

Point the finger at it on the Hate Story 2 and Hate Story 3 director Pandya to have disappointed T-Series. Vishal himself is the Wajah why he won’t not wind up captaining Hate Story 4, which the creation house is wanting to produce by 2017 end.