Global Face of Pantene – Priyanka Chopra

Baywatch Priyanka Chopra
Baywatch Priyanka Chopra

has been restricted in as the worldwide diplomat of hair care mark Pantene. She has turned into the principal Indian performing artist to speak to the brand all around.

Chopra, who is gaining praise for her work globally graciousness her American show “Quantico,” will be the substance of the shiny new’s battle. She is amped up for the affiliation.

“I’m eager to go ahead board as the new worldwide represetative for Pantene. A most loved far and wide, I adore that Pantene celebrates and advocates that being solid is wonderful,” the 34-year-old performing artist said in an announcement.

She included: “Internal Strength is as essential for hair as it is forever. Solid hair can deal with anything!”

All inclusive, the brand is embraced by stars like Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, and Gisele Bundchen.

Taking a break from her worldwide endeavors, Priyanka is back in Mumbai and is experiencing scripts. She said that she will do two major Indian movies in the year to come.

To the extent 2016 is concerned, the performer had a bustling year working for her American TV indicate “Quantico” and her Hollywood presentation extend “Baywatch.”