Deepika Padukone Beats Priyanka Chopra The Sexiest Asian Woman 2016


Beats : Bollywood actors and does industry top actresses and now both were doing well internationally, But has beaten on Most Sexiest women in the world and she becomes the top on the list. ruling the West since many years this year seems to be a tad bit unlucky for the lady. Actress has occupied the top spot to win the title of the sexiest Asian woman in the 2016 UK Paul conducted by a British weekly newspaper easter night is for Mitch are barred window there to be here is that she’s on number two also this is the very first time that has stopped on the list you can last year she ended up number four on the ball as per reports excited about the titles that because said when it does bring a smile to my face but sexy means different things to different people for me it’s not just physical for me being comfortable with who you are is sexy confidence is sexy innocence and vulnerability is sexy well has toppled in out rival to win the sexiest Asian woman of 2016